July 3rd 2016

@The University of Sussex, Brighton

contact: via Facebook

Invited to be part of the 2016 International Conference on Live Interfaces ( at the University of Sussex, this years Brighton Modular Meet takes place in the newly renovated Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts (formerly the Gardner Arts Centre). We will be taking over a number of rooms in this Grade 2 listed building designed by Sir Basil Spence.


In addition to a large open access space where you can set up your synth and mingle with others, this year we will have a room for manufacturers and shops, a space for talks and live performances, and a video synthesis room.


Are you bringing your synth?

If so aim to arrive by 10am, you should be able to drive up to the ACCA building to unload. We will be supplying trestle tables and power cables. Please make sure you bring everything else you will need: a modular synth & other bits, cables, speakers, headphones etc.



I hope to have a supply of tea and coffee at the meet, but additionally, there is a cafe and decent sized Co-op supermarket in the center of campus (there's a few cash machines on campus too).

Talks & Performances:

  11.30        Cherif Hashizume - Performance -


  12.00        Matthew ALM - Talk/Demo/Q&A -


  12.30        Dann - Performance -


  13.00        Lunch


  13.30        Dan & David - Talk/Demo/Q&A -


  14.00        Chelsea - Performance -


  14.30        Tom Richards - Mini Oramics technical demo -


  15.00        Ian Helliwell - Performance -


  15.30        VCOADSR - Performance -


  16.00        Raffle


  16.30        Cold Waves - Performance -


As usual we will be running a raffle for the local music charity Rhythmix.
Here's the current list of prizes:

Lamond design - Un-powered Goike case

Thonk - pre-built MK2 Turing machine & more...

ALM Busy Circuits - Beast, Tangle, Cables, shirts

Synovatron - StemCell kits

Expert Sleepers –  Disting mk3

7 Dials – 1 x CV Express

AJH Synth - Minimod VCF Dark Edition

Cymru Beats - Mutable Instruments Veils

Future Sound Systems - FIL1 and MX1

Mark Elliott: 3 x A.S. modules & DIY frame/bus

Manufacturers etc.:
(confirmed as of 1st July 2016)
Abstract Data
Lamond Design
Studio Electronics with the Sensei Modular & Tonestar

& Music Thing Modular

Video Synths:
This year we have Chris King of Video Circuits and Alex Peverett hosting a Video Synth room.

Nitin AKA Bradford Bahamas will be bringing his incredible playable CRT rig, and there will be at least 6 sony PVMs on display, along with a few systems and unusual bits of video gear.
Here's an example of something to expect... Pic credit to
Julian Hanson:

Drop-off & parking info:
There's a barrier at the beginning of the road up to the venue, if you are bringing equipment you will need to call security from the intercom here.
Tell them you are dropping off some equipment or synthesisers as part of the ICLI conference.

Security are expecting us, so it'll be fine.
You cannot park outside the venue, you need to drive back to the gate and park opposite in CAR PARK 5 - it is free of charge.

Four spaces:

Modular playground

Video synthesis

Performance and Talks

Market place & Entrance foyer