Saturday 20th July: Workshops

Two workshops are available on Saturday the 20th:

Atari Punk Girls
This is a female-led workshop aimed at beginners and designed to encourage girls’ confidence and participation in electronics and the sonic arts, as well as foster an interest in creating electronic music. This workshop uses teaching materials and printed circuit boards designed by Nina Richards and the Yorkshire Sound Women’s Network.

Together we’ll learn to solder safely and build a little battery-powered noise instrument which you can take home with you!


The event is supported by The Chase Feminist Network, The Sussex Humanities Lab & FACT///.

This workshop is free but spaces are very limited, for girls only aged 9-14 years.
Click the image below to book tickets:

The Oscilloscope Graphic Artist was a project initially designed by Mitchell Waite and published in Popular Electronics Magazine in 1975.
This circuit has been redesigned by Philip Baljeu and multi-disciplinary artist Alex Peverett will lead the workshop giving an overview of various vector and oscillographic video systems before embarking on the build.




The workshop has been generously supported by Thonk.co.uk and Andrew Duff will be supplying a number of vintage oscilloscopes from his collection - go easy on them!


Advance booking is essential and places/tickets are strictly limited to 8 @ £50 per person.

Please do not turn up on the day expecting to participate.

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