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Peter Rehberg | VCOADSR | Marta SmiLga | Rupert Lally  Distant Animals | Simonsound | Leo Electroid

Pita is the pseudonym of Editions Mego founder Peter Rehberg. Born in London Rehberg has resided in Vienna for term his adult life. It was here in the early 90’s that Rehberg harnessed aspects of noise, industrial, electro-acoustic and techno to develop a new approach to music. Whether constructing an album entirely from the recordings of a fridge or harnessing the live electronic potential of laptops soon after they hit the market Pita has always been at the forefront of contemporary radical music practice often paving the way for many to follow. Birthing the extreme computer music genre, scoring the works of controversial French theatre director Gisele Vienne, ongoing collaborations with Jim O’Rourke, Fennesz, Marcus Schmickler and Stephen O’Malley all define Rehberg’s open ended approach to the creative act. As head of the influential Editions Mego family of labels, he has released albums by many renowned artists.


As Pita, Rehberg has produced over a dozen albums, covering an astonishing variety of experimental electronic styles. The Get Out / Get Down / Get Off trilogy received broad international critical acclaim and helped define the radical underground experimental electronic scene of the 90’s. Pita has played numerous concerts all over the world including SONAR, ATP, CTM Berlin, MUTEK, Donaufestival, Le Guess Who?, Atonal etc. In 1999 he won the Prix Ars Electronica for Digital Musics & Sound Art.


With two decades of pioneering activity under his belt 2016 saw a surge in new activity. Following a return to live solo performance came the release of his first solo record in 12 years,‘Get In’. With a new ‘modular’ set up Pita has continued playing live with fresh dimensions added to the idiosyncratic beauty/hostile tension that resides in all of his work.


VCOADSR (pronounced phonetically “vee-see-oh-ay-dee-ess-arr”) is the artist name of Phil Bilsby an electronic music producer & performer based in Brighton, UK.


Over the last 2 years VCOADSR has built a reputation, within the modular scene & community  in the UK, of playing unashamed bass heavy & dark techno using only a 9U Eurorack modular synth and a mixer. During 2016 VCOADSR experimented with fully improvised live Techno sets that were a natural progression from his earlier releases in 2013 through to 2016 including ‘Modular Sessions Vol.1 & 2’ and the ‘Who’s Watching EP’ that saw him record a collection of one-take improvised tracks ranging from dark experimental soundscapes to raw techno.


His forth coming double EP “Serious Lies EP / Minor Truths EP”, set for release on 22nd April 2017, sees the producer & modular performer push further into the darker & harder side of Techno with this 8 track double EP cassette tape release.


'Serious Lies EP', born out of his live modular Techno performances in late 2016 and into 2017, presents four dance floor focussed tracks that have been the cornerstones of his live sets and show a general migration to a harder approach than his earlier work.

In contrast 'Minor Truths EP' is a much darker & less club focussed collection of tracks, recorded over several late night sessions towards the end of 2016, featuring claustrophobic industrial textures and soundscapes underpinned at times by tough unrelenting beats.

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Marta SmiLga is the project of Līga Smirnova, a Rīga based musician who lives for electronic music. Using her collection of modular synths and electronic instruments she generates deep and immersive cosmic soundscapes that drag you into their gravitational field, like matter to a black hole.”


Rupert Lally - Born in Brighton, but now based in Switzerland, Rupert Lally began as a sound designer and composer for theatre and tv before starting to release his own work in 2006. Since then he’s produced a number of eclectic albums ranging from ambient soundtracks to experimental noise, both solo and in collaboration with Norwegian sound artist: Espen J. Jørgensen; including the soundtrack to Rebuild 3. His most recent releases: “Scenes From A High Rise”, “Day One” and “Excursions” have been modular only albums. This performance is his first U.K. live show in over 10 years.


Distant Animals is the artistic output of Daniel Alexander Hignell-Tully, a sound, video, and performance artist. His work focusses on the political and participatory resonance of creative acts, interrogating notions of autonomy, collaboration, and the tension between sense (what is perceived by the senses) and sense (what is made sensible by a community). In 2017 he was awarded a doctorate in Musical Composition from Sussex University, for which he created a 130 page text-score for the modular synthesizer.


Simon has been experimenting with sound for over 20 years, working with music, radio and sound design. He uses found sounds, archive material and electronic sources to create multi-layered collages and ‘sound worlds’ to escape the everyday.


Simon conjures up outer dimensional oscillations, spirit invoking modulations and frequencies to welcome all beings with warmth. From pulsing strobed rhythms and incantation arousing sequences to glacial tone shards and shapeshifting drones utilising the wide palette of the Buchla 200e Electric Music Box. This particular performance will focus on the Buchla and Ciat Lonbarde Cocoquantus, a cosmic looping machine...


Simon has released space age synthesizer records as The Simonsound and night time doom tracks as Black Channels on Death Waltz Originals and Castles in Space Records.


His latest release is the soundtrack to a surreal radio drama about a radio amateur and the inhabitants of a crumbling amusement park. Akiha Den Den will be released on vinyl with a bonus CD including over 70 minutes of Buchla, EMS, drones, dramatics, cassette 4 track abuse and noise from the series. Out on Castles in Space Records this Summer.


Leo Electroid


Leo is based in Brighton, he has been heavily into all strands of electronic music since the late 80s and has been collecting vinyl and dJ-ing for the past 24 years. Modular is a fairly new passion, and has been fortunate enough to perform experimental live sets around Brighton including ‘Brighton Fringe’ and also ‘Under’ nights with other likeminded experimental artist. Leo will be working hard over the summer to get his ‘Electronic Tonalities’ label off the ground with some live cassette releases.